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Renewable energy is of increasing importance to Barnston Estate’s environmental philosophy and our vision of sustainability.

In line with UK and global policy, we are striving to substantially reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we are working towards reducing our reliance on traditional fossil fuels.

Examples of renewable energy initiatives on the Estate:

• The Estate produces its own energy with 100kW of solar energy being generated from the roof panels at Monument Place Business Park, which we offer to our tenants at a reduced price.

• We recently installed a 90kW ground source heat pump to supply natural energy to several Estate homes. The 2,800 metres of pipework fitted a metre underground now deliver a constant indoor temperature and replace the expensive oil heating system used previously.

• Planning permission has been granted for a 500kW anaerobic digester to convert methane gas from cow manure into electricity.

• We use LED lighting in our dairy farms, residential houses and most commercial units, and we are exploring battery storage for charging farm vehicles.