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Our Development Plans

As custodians of a modern estate, we are always looking to balance our land use with food, forestry, energy, housing and employment.

We are acutely aware how building projects must sensitively fit in with the rural surroundings as well as the community.

We pledge that every one of our building projects, regardless of its use, will aim to comply with the UK’s first green infrastructure benchmark that defines what ‘good looks like’.

This new standard is called ‘Building with Nature’ ( and it is all about helping to create better places for people and wildlife.

Its 12 standards surround the themes of Core, Wellbeing, Water and Wildlife and each play an important part in the design of high-quality blue and green infrastructure. In essence, the accreditation is to help create better places for people and wildlife. It is something we strongly believe in.

Monument Place

Our most recent example of ‘Building with Nature’ is Monument Place, just outside of the village of Farndon.

Currently, our 5.5 acre business park provides employment for multiple businesses and for over 60 people full and part-time.

The land at Monument Place has been identified as employment use under the Cheshire West and Chester Local Plan (Part 2).

As part of an expansion of the business park, we recently held a public consultation with the village to showcase our aspirations, as shown below, and this is now submitted to the local authority planning department.

The next phase to the development would add a further 30 jobs and would also be complemented by an aesthetic nature reserve like backdrop to encourage drainage and complement biodiversity.

As well as new recreational routes for walkers and cyclists, we would like to build two padel tennis courts offering local people the chance to enjoy the world’s fastest growing racket sport.

Monument Place extension
Monument Place extension 2

The image illustrates the potential character that could be developed for the new units at Monument Place. The use of timber and sheet cladding materials fits within the vernacular for rural, agricultural buildings. These materials, potentially combined with solar panels, would also provide environmental benefits to the site and its tenants.

Monument Place extension 1

The land gradually falls to the north-west corner of the site, and a series of swales are proposed to allow surface water to slowly drain away, while a wildlife pond surrounded by wildflower meadow will provide new habitats and attractive spaces for both businesses and visitors using the site.

Monument Place extension 3

A new recreational route is proposed, linking the footpath on Brewery Lanre to the west with the Chester Road to the east. This shared cycle and footpath will also connect to the meadow and pond previously described, and a cycle storage facility for staff and visitors to use.

Monument Place extension 4

Two new padel tennis courts are also proposed, connected to the recreational route, and screened from the industrial unit by new tree planting. These courts will be the only ones in Cheshire West (the nearest court is in Wilmslow at present), and will operate in collaboration with the existing fitness gym at Monument Place.

Building with Nature



The aim is to design a sensitive, attractive and context-led proposal, with the environment and local character at the heart of the scheme. The rural setting is a key driver for the design, with appropriate materials, planting and scale considered throughout.



The proposal centres on a generous area allocated for wildlife, recreation and amenity, which will provide visitors and staff alike with the opportunity to reconnect with nature and enjoy the outdoors. Promoting interaction with landscape in this way can not only improve well-being, but also encourage people to be more aware of nature around them.



The sustainable drainage systems proposed across the site will ensure that surface water is handled appropriately, and features such as swales will enable people to understand the effects of heavy rainfall and the benefits of slowing and storing water on site.



The site will benefit from a number of enhancements, through wildflower meadows, specimen tree and hedgerow planting and marginal planting to the pond. The quality of habitat will be largely improved, providing nesting, foraging and hunting opportunities for a wide variety of species.