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Tree planting on the Estate

March was a very successful month for tree planting on the Estate.

We started off by planting 8,500 trees (of 25 different species) in Farndon alongside the River Dee.

We then headed to Churton Hall Farm to plant up three small woodland creation schemes using a variety of native species grown from local seed, including oak, alder, wild cherry, hazel, field maple, rowan, small-leaved lime, holly, wych elm and some black poplar in wetter areas.

Altogether we planted 11,000 trees in March to create a new wood, extended a number of wooded areas and topped up new and existing hedges. We’ve also completed all our woodland inspections.

Our reward after a cold and wet Spring has been glimpses of bright, beautiful blossoms from blackthorn, crab apple, cuckoo flower and tulips.

A highlight was hosting the knowledgeable Ben Raskin, Head of Horticulture and Agroforestry at the Soil Association.

Published: 03.04.2024