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Environmental artist transforms fallen tree into our pheasant

We have been working with the extremely talented environmental artist Simon O’Rourke for a number of years.

Last year, a 250-year-old oak tree in the grounds of Churton Hall had to be cut down because it had become rotten.

We wanted to do something memorable and rather fun with the beautiful old oak trunk – and invited Simon, who lives locally and specialises in wood sculture, to work his magic.

His inspiration was the iconic pheasant from Barnston Estate’s branding.

We needed a mini tractor to move the trunk, which weighed over half a ton, and to help us to flip it around 180 degrees.

It was amazing to see Simon in action armed with a chainsaw and bags of creativity.

The finished piece is a work of art. We have treated it with a clear varnish to protect the wood and it is now sitting in pride of place in the grounds of the Estate.

Everyone who has seen it loves it.

Published: 05.04.2024