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Barnston Estate supports growing Netball Club Farndon

The Barnston Estate is supporting a netball club which launched in Farndon last year to encourage women to get back into the sport.

Netball Club Farndon was set up in January 2022 by netball coach Laura Newman.

The club, which is based at the multi-use games area at Farndon Community Club in Sibbersfield Lane and does its winter training at Abbey Gate College in Saighton, now has over 67 members aged between 20 and 50.

They have four separate competing teams – Falcons, Flyers, Foxes and Fireflies - who play in two Wrexham leagues.

The Barnston Estate has donated £1,000 to the netball club to help fund vital new kit and equipment, train coaches and to help maximise the benefits of the sport to the wider community and next generation of players.

Portia Clarke of Netball Club Farndon said: “We literally jumped for joy when we heard about the generous donation from the Barnston Estate.

“We’ve had lots of interest from women in Farndon and the surrounding areas all looking to get back into netball. We’ve had new members joining every month and have grown to over 67 members putting out four very strong teams every week.

“We’re an inclusive club that promotes equality and we’re proud to have developed a group of team-spirited, confident and motivated members. This funding means that, for the first time, we’re going to have our own lovely branded kit to compete in and some vital new equipment.”

Netball Club Farndon Coach Laura Newman said: “We’ve got women who haven’t played netball since their school days and others who didn’t realise the potential that some good training can do to their fitness and their game. It’s one of the nicest sports clubs of women that I have coached.

“We’ve got women playing of all ages, from all backgrounds and a variety of jobs from GPs, physiotherapists and nursery workers to factory staff and mums. Everyone is equal and we all have fun.

“You now can’t walk through Farndon village without bumping into a fellow netball player. We have built a really strong community and we’re looking forward to encouraging more women to join us.”

Ed Barnston said: “Netball Club Farndon is an amazing club that has thrived to create four teams in a very short space of time.

“It is evident that there is real passion to continue this momentum to become even more successful across the community and to inspire new members to join. We’re delighted to award the club with £1,000 of support.”

Published: 14.02.2023