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The Barnston Estate bees

Strengthening the environment and enhancing the natural capital in our small corner of the world is one of our big aspirations.

As pollinators, bees plays a crucial part in every aspect of the ecosystem.

Five years ago, we introduced our first beehives onto the Estate to promote pollination across gardens, hedges, orchards and farmland.

The fascination of bees is what they teach us. Despite enormous technological advances, our daily food is highly reliable on the pollination of bees.

Beekeeping is the oldest, highest form of agriculture yet we are still learning about our environment and our impact through their activities.

At best we can only ever influence the intricate machinations of a queen and her precious colony but we will never be able to dictate or control nature.

As a land steward there is a simplicity in recognising the need to not battle but to collaborate with Mother Nature and enhance the natural capital in our small corner of the world for future generations.

In exchange, who would forego the reward of a jar of bottled summer sweetness?

* Watch a video of beekeeper Edward Barnston with the Estate bees at the bottom of this page here

Published: 02.10.2020