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We're celebrating National Hedgerow Week

This week is National Hedgerow Week (May 8-14).

Establishing more hedges and planting more trees is important to us because it enhances our environment, boosts biodiversity and creates avenues on footpaths and field edges which wildlife love.

Every year, we plant a wide variety of native hedges on the Barnston Estate including hawthorn, blackthorn, acer, guelder rose, hazel and beech. Our new trees include cedar, oak, birch, acer, liquid amber and horse chestnut.

We also allow our hedgerows to grow taller and wider to provide shelterbelts and nesting sites.

We’re already seeing the benefits with a wide variety of different species of birds living on the Estate. It’s clear evidence that bigger hedges are vital for nesting, shelter and food.

Did you know?

* Hedgerows have the potential to help us to tackle climate change and correct biodiversity loss.

* In the UK, we've lost half of our hedgerows since World War II.

* Hedgerows are home to 80% of our woodland birds.

* The Climate Change Committee has advised that in the UK we need to increase the number of our hedgerows by 40% to meet net zero targets by 2050. This means that we need to plant over 200,000km of new hedgerows.

Find out more about National Hedgerow Week here.

Published: 08.05.2023